Episode 61 – Beasts & Belry Vines

An Island of magic, Something Calls ships here
An artefact of Demonic origin perhaps? Or something Greater to Fear..

This week the party free a stranded mage and attempt to discover the hidden secrets of an island..

Who is this Mysterious mage and why is he making those sounds?
What will Tensho Find in the bushes?
What Lurks down the old Ladder?
What are those “ropes” swinging across the bridge?
And how will it all end in danger this week?

Also this week – Tensho loses something important, Rivane Accepts the inevitable and Belry breaks a Table.

A New Season Begins, A Return to form
With Rocks and Puns and the occasional Fire storm
Back to what keeps us different, as the characters together Shine
We Bring you Episode 61 – Beasts & Belry Vines

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