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Due to a love of the source material, we decided to keep that each class in Plummet could only be played once. If a character dies or is retired then a new character cannot be that same class – this avoids repetition and makes each character and their abilities more precious to the mercenaries as a whole. Once all these classes are taken, we start again with a fresh list.

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AJ is the host and producer of Pretending With Dice and creates additional images for us. With Penance, he has played the misunderstood musician, Ozmand, in Curse of Penance RPG

1. Igneous, the Geomancer, a dwarf. Considered something of a maverick by his traditional-minded father, for studying rocks instead of simply spending centuries mining them in search of gold, Igneous has traveled the land in search of interesting rock formations and crystals. Geology doesn’t come cheap, however, so he has occasionally had to resort to hiring himself out as a mercenary of sorts, in order to make ends meet. His pet rock, Chris, was acquired in the usual way, and sadly met a usual demise. Igneous’ whereabouts are unknown.


2. Slasher, the Berserker, a dwarf. A  heavy drinking dwarf, Slasher ran into the group in Nerekhall 


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Amy is an enthusiatic RPG player and long term friend of the show. Her first podcast outing was as Meg in Curse of Penance RPG

1. Frankie, the Disciple, a human. The son of a nobleman, Frankie is a follower of the Disciples of the Fascinating Squeeze-box, particularly two of their Saints, Karen and Tubbs. Most of his time is spent attempting to convert the fairer sex to his religion while recounting the tales and songs of their adventures.

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Ash is an original cast member of Penance RPG – the most practical member of any group who skill and wit has often saved a party! Named for her character in the Penance RPG Original Series.

1. Whispers in the Gloaming, the ShadowWalker, a tabaxi. Whispers is a proven mistress of dexterity and deadly skill. Her presence with these somewhat halpless mercenaries is not known.

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Belry joined in Season 2 of our Original Series and is also named for his character there, Belry Picle. He also GM’d the mini-series Call of Penance RPG

1. Tike, the Knight, a human. A young warrior, dreaming of being a hero. Tike was very concerned about his mother finding out any negatives in his current employment.

2. Ebony Darkness, the Necromancer, a human. The edgiest of emo fringes hide the eyes of this tortured and dark soul. His necromancy was barely under his control

3. Sylvian Whispersong, the Bard, an elf. Another idealistic character, Sylvian believed in the healing and soothing power of music to aid his adventuring. His chosen instrument was a djembe and he performs beat poetry.

4. Hugh Mann, the Bounty Hunter, an aarakocra. Mr Mann attempts to disguise his true nature, using his assumed name to convince others they see hands and arms rather than claws and wings.

5. Kireen the Elongated, the Rune Master, a halfling. Kireen is a very unusual character, we are unsure of his true shape, nature, or indeed, species. 

6. Danny Satchel, the Prophet, a dwarf. Despite his prophet training, Danny worked in the accounts and finance dept. of Rhynn.

7. Barry B. Beesbury, the Conjuror, a human. Barry has a weird range of skills – roofing uses most of his conjuring skills. He is an apimancer, a bee wizard, and wears a beekeeping suit with a yellow striped staff.

8. Artyom & Vadim, the Beast Master, a half-orc. Artyom was found as a baby and raised by Vadim – his baboon father. Vadim duel wielded axes while Artyom navigated the humanoid world around them.

9. Bruce Wonglepong, the Treasure Hunter, an elf. Rejecting the usual grace and elegance of elves, Bruce is an adventurous sort and treasure hunting suits him well.

10. Jimmy Juggins, the Thief, a human. An unusual figure with a mysterious past…

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Daniel joined us in Season 5 of our Original Series as the sweet mouthed elf, Ora Dulce. A talented muscian, he now writes our original music.

1. Q Kintara, the Champion, a dragonborn. As many dragonborn, Kintara is a confident, possibly even arrogant, martial champion.

2. Ylvein Ingrous, the Stalker, an elf. Lithe and dangerous, her skills can be overlooked if you have only heard her speak but not hunting. Dangerous and brave.

3. Arnold Whitesocks, the Spiritspeaker, a dwarf. Mr Whitesocks is a fastidious  gentleman and communes with spirits for guidance.

4. Stu Nichola Nin, the Skirmisher, a human. Stu is a fiercesome warrior, experienced with ranged and guerilla warfare.

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Jon is an original cast member of Penance RPG where he played Stilgar Shadowblade. Notable for quirky and inventive role play, he also designs our logos.

1. Kubroq, the Wildlander, an aarakocra. Kubroq is a noble and proud Aarakocra, a lone wildlander with a penchant for shiny trinkets and glittery things. The advance of time had made Kubroq slightly world weary and he would often fall asleep standing up, so it was always hard to tell whether he was actually awake… is he listening to me or not?

2. Jasper, the Conjuror, a tabaxi. Jasper is a sleek and noble Tabaxi, with a deep loathing for all birds – including Aarakocra! This could spell friction between the mercenaries or indeed a general distraction while travelling!

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A newcomer to Penance, Squid is the Dungeon Master for a d&d stream – Saviours DnD. He brings a good natured humour to the adventures.

1. Kursk, the Berserker, a half-orc. A brusque warrior, found in the Swamps by Igneous. Largely motivated by promises of ice-cream and an ability to smash people or things in his way.

2. Karrus, the Thief, a tiefling. This suave ‘gentleman’ was first seen having locked himself in a cage and escaping again easily, to keep his skills up.

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