Plummet Cast

Due to a love of the source material, we decided to keep that each class in Plummet could only be played once. If a character dies or is retired then a new character cannot be that same class – this avoids repetition and makes each character and their abilities more precious to the mercenaries as a whole.

AJ is the host and producer of Pretending With Dice and creates additional images for us

1. Igneous, the Geomancer, a Dwarf. Considered something of a maverick by his traditional-minded father, for studying rocks instead of simply spending centuries mining them in search of gold, Igneous has traveled the land in search of interesting rock formations and crystals. Geology doesn’t come cheap, however, so he has occasionally had to resort to hiring himself out as a mercenary of sorts, in order to make ends meet. His pet rock, Chris, was acquired in the usual way. 


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Amy is an enthusiatic RPG player

1. Frankie, the Disciple, a Human. The son of a nobleman, Frankie is a follower of the Disciples of the Fascinating Squeeze-box, particularly two of their Saints, Karen and Tubbs. Most of his time is spent attempting to convert the fairer sex to his religion while recounting the tales and songs of their adventures.

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Ash is an original cast member of Penance RPG

1. Whispers in the Gloaming, the ShadowWalker, a Tabaxi

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Belry joined in Season 2 of our Original Series

1. Tike, the Knight, a human

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Daniel joined us in Season 5 of our Original Series and now writes our original music

1. Q Kintara, the Champion, a Dragonborn

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Jon is an original cast member of Penance RPG and designs our logos

1. Kubroq, the Wildlander, an Arakkoa

Kubroq is a noble and proud Arakkoa, a lone wildlander with a penchant for shiny trinkets and glittery things. The advance of time had made Kubroq slightly world weary and he would often fall asleep standing up, so it was always hard to tell whether he was actually awake… is he listening to me or not?

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