March 2019 saw the beginning of our second D&D 5e adapatation, Abyss. Like the original, Out Of The Abyss, our version starts deep in the Underdark where a group of drow captives are slowly mining when an unexpected opportunity arises…

You can meet the characters here. Below is an brief overview of the tale by episode, or you can start listening on libsyn, youtube or via the linked episodes below. Additionally, you can hear how the adaptation process worked by becoming a Patron, the first episode is available free here.

Where Can I Find More from the Cast?
You can hear more from Wednesday as part of Dum Dum Die at:

Shiraz Can Be Found on Twitter at @DiceDeeds  & Instagram as @Shazworth

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A black landscape background with 6 pieces of character art. Top row, left to right are: 
Ishidoro - a green dragonborn sitting cross legged in pink robes with a smoking pipe. 
Thirteen - bright green goblin wearing a tatty labcoat and fingerless gloves, waving and grinning widely. 
Layla - a tall teal tiefling wearing brown leather dress, bracers & boots. She has red hair and her long tail holds a green marble shovel with a statue hand still attached.

Bottom row, left to right. T'riss - a deep blue drow with blonde hair and purple clothes covered in a grey cloak. A sling across her torso carries a yellow myconid and a red were-rat is holding onto her calf.
Rasthikos - a tall and broad human wearing light blue plate armour with red and yellow details. His right hand is resting on the pommel of a large sword.
Nal - a slender orc wearing a red tunic and hose with red-brown bracers and boots. Her pointy ears stick through her blue-grey hair
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Cast of ‘Abyss’ 2019, art by Shiraz Khan (posted with permission)

Eps. 0 & 1 Meeting the cast and then the characters

Ep. 2 Gracklstugh & meeting Lord Themberchaud

Ep. 3 Netherlight Grotto, something seems strange...

Eps. 4 & 5 Blingdonstone, meeting Erik & his tips about the Pudding King

Ep. 6 New & old friends

Ep. 7 A new tactic, escorting a scholar to Mantol Derith

Ep. 8 A creepy wedding

Ep. 9 All change in Gracklstugh Themberville

Ep. 10 Saving Araumycos

Ep. 11 An early terror exposed

Ep. 12 Plundering the slaver camp!

Ep. 13 Planning and a "Prophecy!"

Eps. 14 & 15 Into, and under, the labyrinth

Ep. 16 Off to bargain for a wyrm...

Eps. 17 & 18 Returns, retrenching and planning some more!

Ep. 19 A dramatic finale!

Ep. 20 Epilogues of survivors

Eps. 21, 22 & 23 Cast reflections & chat on eps 1-6, 7-13 & 14-20

Ep. 24 Outtakes, tangents & an original Drow lullaby!