One Shots & Specials

Here you can find all our one-shot adventures and experimental game episodes. 


Many of our special episodes appear to have a common theme – animals in bizarre situations. Here you can find our Champion of the Wild mini series as well as animal themed one shots.

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Endless Realms

Set on a land called Lumis, the Endless Realms area modern, original ttrpg setting and game system. There are innovative player races as well as a wide range of creatures and civilisations to discover.

ttrpg, rpg, rpgs, tabletop gaming, indie rpg
Endless Realms, by Lunar Games Inc.

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Halls of Chaos

A chaotic and anarchic puzzle solving game, this debuted publicly at Dragonmeet 2019

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Penance RPG have been at a number of UK conventions over the last few years, many of these trips have included recordings.

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