Tam Tam

Tam-Tam started life as an AI-equipped Roomba with a faulty personality chip, which led to a music obssesion. So it sought out Index, so she could modify him to be more than its roomba body. He allowed the conversion of an uzi and hover jets in exchange for the radio and speakers.

a cartoon flying Roomba (Tam-Tam) with an old fashioned diving helmet on top. There are jets at the bottom to propel it, a tiny grabber arm, a handgun afixed at the top of the 'mask' and a small white rat (Index) behind the gun. The Roomba is asking 'Where is my xylophone?' and the rat replies 'no idea!!'
Index & Tam-Tam, Rowan @Tundra Crafts

Tam-Tam is played by Tom, a newcomer to Penance RPG who is settling well into the mayhem.