Alias: Tensho Mann, Tenny, OHGODDONTPRESSTHATBUTTON, Whyyyyyy?
Played by: Graham
First appearance: Episode 1

Tensho Mann is the main warrior of the group and acts as the tank or paladin of the party.

Tensho was raised in a small village on the outskirts of a major city. His mother passed away while he was young due to an unknown disease. His father played a large role in the local militia, which meant that he was raised learning the ways of close combat. He was steadily moving up the ranks of the militia, until one fateful day redefined his life.
When his village was attacked by a horde of savage werewolves, the militia fought against them, suffering many casualties. While the assault was repelled at the cost of much blood, Tensho was unable to find his father in the wreckage. This tragedy shook him to the core and was amplified each time the werewolves returned.

One day, a travelling adventurer arrived in the village. Upon hearing of the continued attacks on the terrorised village, the adventurer journeyed into the forest. After the passing of two moons, the adventurer returned with a sack of severed wolf heads, much to the relief of the village. They received many celebrations in their name, as well as a mighty statue sculpted from locally sourced rock. With a warm glow, the adventurer went their way into the sunset.
Inspired by the acts of this traveller and the majesty of their statue, Tensho set off to journey across the realm, swearing to help those in need and to honour his fallen father.

Tensho’s player has declined to provide a sketch of his character