Alias: Warren Stey
Played by: Dan
First Appearance: Episode 1

Missing in action.
We suspect Warristey is presently somewhere out-healing Holy Paladins on a Blood DK, just to annoy them.
Not that the webmistress is bitter or anything.

Warristey was the primary bear decapitator.

Warren grew up in the warrior clan of Stey. Despite the strict teachings of his people, Warren always displayed an impulsive and headstrong approach to life. Rather than following his usual daily schedule, Warren decided to skip lessons with a couple of other trainees and head into the wood. There, they encountered a roaming bear. Knowing that this would surely display their abilities, they attempted to down the bear and claim it as a trophy.
The battle with the bear continued long into the night and many lives were lost. Bloodsoaked and clawed to high heaven, Warren stood victorious. He ripped the bear’s head from its body and gutted the bear to drag his friends’ bodies upon. As he approached the Stey stomping grounds, he could see the warm glow of home through the treeline.
Whispers resonated amongst the woods as he pulled the pile of bodies out into the clearing. He was stopped in his tracks by what he saw. Before him, the tents of the Stey Clan were a smouldering wreck. The glowing embers surrounding the great firepit littered the corpses and remnants of the Stey Clan.
Warren fell to the ground, mourning his foolishness as he felt a blade couch the back of his neck. He pulled the bearskin towards him and spun to see a black-clad figure falling to the dirt behind him. He leapt upon them and began throwing his fists into their face. Around him, he saw others disappear into the darkness
After the red mist cleared from his vision he looked upon the mess that lay below him. The sight of the figure boiled inside him and he unleashed a furious roar into the night’s sky.
“Fucking rogues!”

From that day, he took up the name “Warristey” to honour his fallen clan, swearing vengeance on the rogues who slaughtered his kin.