Specials & one shots

We have several special episodes planned, with a one-shot to be hosted by Tails From The Dark Dragon Inn. In addition, we have recently released  our one-shot special of Endless Realms (recorded before funding was confirmed on Kickstarter) which can be heard here

Dragon as Kikuchi Chie, a Wandering Shrine Keeper
Belry as He’Talm II, an Almiren Dandy
Ash as Seleka Merot, a Kalamir ice Elementalist
Daniel as Tiny Willow, A Veteran Yakashi Warden
 Nikoli as Noam Faraday, a Skidi Warden

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In 2017 and 2018, we were honoured to be invited to be a part of the PodcastZone at Dragonmeet. While there, we recorded live one-shot adventures with con attendees. In 2017, we recorded in the main convention hall while 2018 saw us having use of a dedicated recording room – many thanks to Modiphius for their support

Dragonmeet 2017

Dragonmeet 2018