1. Igneous, the Geomancer, a dwarf. Considered something of a maverick by his traditional-minded father, for studying rocks instead of simply spending centuries mining them in search of gold, Igneous has traveled the land in search of interesting rock formations and crystals. Geology doesn’t come cheap, however, so he has occasionally had to resort to hiring himself out as a mercenary of sorts, in order to make ends meet. His pet rock, Chris, was acquired in the usual way, and sadly met a usual demise. Igneous’ whereabouts are unknown.

2. Slasher, the Berserker, a dwarf. A  heavy drinking dwarf, Slasher ran into the group in Nerekhall 

3. Professor Sinister, the Hexer, a human. The professor is an older man, deeply cynical and generally a  malicious influence on those around. 

4. “Dusty” Dan McGraw, the Bounty Hunter, a human. This growly older man is highly independent and suspicious of working with others.

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