Call 6 – A Conclusion in Candyland

We Present to you Belry’s first Written Adaptation,
The Call of Penance RPG – an Adaptation of Call of Cthulhu

This week the Party Awaken to Bizarre Surroundings.. Where have they been taken and how Can they Get Home?


We Must Stress at this point Belry’s Attempts to Do any kind of Accent is sometimes Truly Terrible.
We Are Painfully Aware. 


The Cast:
GM – Belry
Adrian Zilbare (a Doctor)- Nikoli
Tilly White (a Journalist) – Dragon
Snide McBride (a Thief) – Daniel
Penelope Pendleton (A journalist) – Ash
Victor (a French Mechanic) – Jon
Walter Gabe (a PI) – Graham


All Music Was Written & Performed by Daniel Boström


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