A New Dawn rises..

Welcome to the new website for Penance RPG. It’s still a little work in progress but we’re getting there.

Firstly we have our fantastic new logo. It was something I came up with from the depths of my own scrambled brains that the awesome Jon Moore managed to create and I think it looks amazing. We hope you all like it as much as I do.

So we have now moved away from Soundcloud and onto Libsyn. Which you can now find at – http://penancerpg.libsyn.com/

Episode 30, as the finale of Season 2, will be the last episode to appear on Soundcloud.

All of our previous episodes have now been successfully moved over from SC and Ellie has even managed to find the time to go back and remaster our first series, fixing several of the more glaring issues  and hopefully reducing  the “please just skip to season 2” feeling that I’m sure other podcasts share looking back on their own infancy. There are still a few issues with the sound quality of season 1 but this has made it significantly better and thank you all for sticking with us through it.

We have also changed out itunes and stitcher feeds. this was due to both of these being under the name “Guild of Penance” – As these were the only things left under a different name now we were moving off soundcloud we decided to update these to bring them in line with everything else under the same name – PenanceRPG

This will mean that we need to appeal for some new itunes reviews from you, our fans. If you could leave us a Review at our new itunes link it would be greatly appreciated – https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/the-penance-rpg-podcast/id1266432003

Recently we have also become a part of the D20 Summit. This is a group of RPG podcasts who are aiming to get together and answer some DM/Editing/Podcasting questions. Hopefully we can bring you more on this in time but thanks to the following podcasts who are also a part of this group:
Pretending with dice
Wizard on the Wynd
The Indoorsmen
Moisture Farmers
Chimpions RPG
Lore Maidens
Venture Maidens
Dungeon hole
the Steele Empire
Swordnut Radio


That’s all I have to update you on for now, myself and Dragon will be at Bloodstock open air next week. Maybe you’ll see us wandering around in our PRPG shirts,

until next time.


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