Episode 39 – The Tale Of Drunken Dwarven Delving

A scene of slaughter; some barrels of booze…
A misguided elf with no time to lose…

This week, the party push on through an abandoned, dwarven settlement deep within the mountain.
What caused such scenes of slaughter?
Where did all the valuables go?
Why does it feel like something is amiss?
How will the party deal with Belry’s greatest fear? And…
What effect does “XXX Dwarven Mead” have on elves, tieflings and half-orcs?

Also, Rivane tipples some ghost beer, Belry hatches a sinister plot and Stilgar proves the power of determination!
All this, and more, as we tap the keg of loony juice and pour up Episode 39, The Tale Of Drunken Dwarven Delving!


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