Episode 48 -The Belry Picle Power Hour! Live now!

A Magical Chest, A Madman In Charge…
A Sinister Plot And A Bumblebear At Large…

This week, Belry takes the helm as Nikoli was recovering from Bloodstock. The Party find themselves guided towards a mysterious island where an outcast wizard has been tinkering with Nature itself!


What is observing them from the skies above?
What is the cause of the mysterious wind and where is it taking them?
Why do all the animals seem… Tainted?
And who is the dark mastermind behind it all?

Also this week – Stilgar becomes sleepy, Andreadina performs a daring rescue and Tensho wafts about with a sword.


A new storyteller, a difference in kind;
Of magic, sorcery and nature realigned;
This week is unique, like a hidden superpower.
For this week, dear friends, is Episode 48 – The Belry Picle Power Hour.


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