An Exciting, Refreshing Change – Patreon

Good Evening Everyone. We are Penance RPG

For the past year we have brought you a new episode of our weird and wonderful podcast complete with beloved introductions written in an attempt to explain our adult themes and use of harsh language through the medium of old cartoon references and bad singing. Now we need your assistance.

While we have proven in the past year that we can, and indeed enjoy, creating, producing and releasing our episodes every week for you. It has not been without the ever looming threat of financial strain. So we have decided to ask if you, our amazing listeners, would be interested in assisting us in keeping us alive and healthy while we continue to bring you the content we know you love

So what are you asking?
We are asking for everyone who listens, who feels they enjoy the content that we bring to you every week, to donate a little each month. We don’t want to beg and we don’t want anyone to overstretch themselves but, if you enjoy our content and love the way we do things then this would help us focus on maintaining the podcast while writing/recording new ideas without the constant financial worry. Just click on the patreon button on the right

Why are you starting a Patreon now?
Bluntly we wanted to prove to ourselves that we could maintain the podcast. We have successfully managed to write and record over 60 episodes to date and managed to release at least one episode every week for the past year – This has shown us that no matter what comes up – whether its illness, time of year, etc, we can still get the episode done in time. Having proven this to ourselves, we feel we can accept asking our fans if they want to help us

For transparency, we have recently accepted an affiliate partnership with DnDice, This will (soon) allow us to offer our fans a discount when purchasing great dice while also helping us by reducing the costs of future dice giveaways and any rewards for competitions we run. Dice are essential and bleed passion in our world, helping you all get the shiniest of shiny dice for less money is worth a lot to us

What do you hope to get out of Patreon?
Asides from reducing our hosting cost worries we do actually have a few long term goals.
Firstly we’d like to upgrade some of our failing equipment. We’d love for everyone to have at least a semi working microphone so you could actually hear them properly every episode (hi ash!)

The second is significantly bigger, currently Penance RPG has been practically “gifted” incredible artwork and music by some wonderful people. We’d love to be able to pay those people properly rather than the reduced “for a friend” rate they offered us. We don’t like taking someone’s work for what feels like free, especially when its to promote ourselves and we’d love to give those people something back

Finally we have the BIG goal… if Penance is going to keep expanding then we need someone to help Nikoli and Dragon with the editing, social media and dedicate time to devote to the podcast. We ideally want to hire Belry to come work for us but unlike Nikoli & Dragon he cant afford to take the time that we would need him for free

So Whats next for PRPG?
Firstly, since January Nikoli has been hard at work adapting “Curse of Strahd” – that well known 5th edition D&D campaign, into a story he feels comfortable enough to DM, This will be a completely different take on your typical “Strahd” story and will hopefully be a dark yet comedic tale of twisted horror in the realm of Barovia. This will be the second podcast we release every week (hopefully on a Wednesday) and will be featuring Nikoli, Belry & a few good friends of the podcast. Look out for it going live around the end of March

In addition and following the success of our Dragonmeet one shot we will be looking at doing at least one more live action one shot this year if we can
We do have a few more ideas we’d love to spend some time finalising – such as the recap episodes for each season, a project we’d love to make time for that would see clips from episodes of PRPG on youtube in a…. lets go for unique method of storytelling. and further development of our website

Nikoli is always coming up with weird concept ideas for future episodes/campaigns, your funding would allow us to not only record more of his ideas but also potentially hire someone to help him with the editing, thereby giving him more time to develop and flesh out these concepts into a finished state that we could record them for all of you to enjoy

So with the potential of 8 episodes a month (from the end of March onwards) amongst other weird & wonderful things – we would deeply appreciate anyone who is willing to help support us so we can keep the content flowing as best we can

Thank you

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