Plummet: Falling in the Dark

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Our newest adaptation has begun…

A fast paced comedy death match with strong dnd overtones.


Narrated summary

Eps. 1 & 2 Introductions and the first signs of real trouble

Eps. 3. 3 & 4 Seeking those with knowledge of how to quieten the region

Eps. 5, 6 & 7 Discovering the extent of the unrest and noble involvementEp. 8 Dealing with the Betrayal

Eps. 9, 10 & 11 Finding ‘wisdom’ in unusual and hidden places

Eps. 12 & 13 Searching for lost persons

Eps. 14 & 15 Acquiring knowledge and losing items

Eps. 16 & 17  Arhynn besieged!

Eps. 18 & 19 Sealing the inflow of foes & a new quest

Category: The Tale So Far
Tag: Plummet

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Plummet begins with a small group of mercenaries travelling towards the barony of Rhynn, towards their newest employer Baron Greigory. Before they reached the city of Arhynn,  a destroyed caravan lies in their path and the Baron’s adviser is missing. Soon, the dead will rise…



Eps. 20 & 21 Heading to Valdari and arriving in fenlands

Eps. 22, 2324  Hiddens horrors of the swamps with mysterious plots and beasts

Ep. 25 Out of the Trollfens and into the Manor…

Eps. 26 & 27 Terrifying houseguests and a dragon necklace returned

Category: The Tale So Far

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A strange necklace sends the party towards the western region of Valdari. To get there, however, involves trekking through some extensive swamp lands. Unexpected situations and foes await – including a vengeful crocodile!