Episode 65 – The Land of Dreams & Honey

A Tale Of Utopia, Of Beasts Transformed by Magic
But It Seems that Asking Questions Results in Something Tragic…

This week the Party Arrive at the Island Alluded to by Toby the Fox…

What Kind of Creature is this that Greets them from the Shore?
Will Tensho be able to tolerate the Rules of this Island?
Can Ora truly Talk to Bees?
How will they React to “King” Belry’s Suggestions?
Can the unnamed Rogue Help figure out whats going on?
Will Ora & Tensho Ever get to the Mine?
and What could Cause Cap’n Ash to Gleefully start splashing water around?

Also this week: Belry Gets Ice Cream, Ora Drinks some water & The Truth About

Secret Linda is finally revealed…

A Magical Solution, A Gift To Fulfil your “Heart’s Desires”
Yet It Seems What you Request in Words, is Not what Always Transpires..
But Don’t you all Wish, in the Depths of your Soul – Can I Be a Bunny?
Well we have the Answer for you Right Here in The Land of Dreams & Honey



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