Episode 47 now live -The Tale of Botanical Bedlam

The old man sits and waits, Emitting quiet groans,
With clicks and whistles they rise around, to help pick clean the bones…

Following the spiritual events of last week, the crew of The Sea Pony find themselves in trouble as the ship accidentally embeds itself on the hidden rocks of a small, mysterious island…

What will it cost them to repair the boat?
Will Cap’n Ash allow them to go adventuring before they’ve finished their chores?
Where is the strange magic coming from?
How is it affecting the island?
And why do things always go wrong for Belry?

Also this week, Rivane copies a ghost, The Unnamed Rogue tries sneaking and Tensho gets distracted by his own distraction.

What can be learned? What will they choose?
When the diggers rise, with a hidden prize and talk of dead men’s shoes?
It seems the story has just begun, after last week’s challenging welcome.
We bring before you, The Tale of Botanical Bedlam.


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