Bard’s Tales: Your Custom RPG Hook

  We are excited to launch our Bard’s Tales! Support us on Patreon (Bard’s Tale tier) or buy us some tasty coffee on Ko-Fi to get your own custom RPG hook or setting. When supporting, simply comment to suggest a song and artist to Nikoli and he will write you an RPG Hook or story introduction … “Bard’s Tales: Your Custom RPG Hook”

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Champion of the Wild 2. Abyss Cast

To Break the Ice between the Cast of Penance RPG’s New Series Abyss we got the Cast to play a few Rounds of “Champion of the wild” So Come Join Dragon, Suzie, Freya, Wednesday and Tauno as they attempt to convince each other of their own successful strategies on how their Animal would indeed take … “Champion of the Wild 2. Abyss Cast”

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Plummet 18. Curses & Caverns

We Continue to Bring you – PLUMMET! This week the party are tasked with investigating a method of stopping the undead horde… Join us now as we bring forth this Behemoth… A fast paced comedy deathmatch with its strong dnd overtones. Prepare to Plummet

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