Bard’s Tales: Your Custom RPG Hook

  We are excited to launch our Bard’s Tales! Support us on Patreon (Bard’s Tale tier) or buy us some tasty coffee on Ko-Fi to get your own custom RPG hook or setting. When supporting, simply comment to suggest a song and artist to Nikoli and he will write you an RPG Hook or story introduction … “Bard’s Tales: Your Custom RPG Hook”

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RambleCast 2. Champion Of The Wild!

The Second half of the final 2018 ramble session was a recording of the cast playing “Champion of the wild”. A Card game about animals competing in Various Olympic events. Real, extant animals compete (singly or in teams) in a range of reasonable and fantastical challenges – with the players arguing why their animal would … “RambleCast 2. Champion Of The Wild!”

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RambleCast – 2018 in Review

Before we begin – This isnt a RPG episode, its just us rambling about the past year, But its the End of 2018! So much has happened this year and we try to remember what we can! Thank you to everyone who’s listened to us over the past year and helped us continue to grow. … “RambleCast – 2018 in Review”

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