Episode 56 – Pestilence & A Prelude to Wing

A Glass casket, With Mysteries inside
Where Will it Lead Them, this Faceless Guide…..

This week the Party find a mysterious object floating in the sea that leads them on a wild adventure!

What is the Mysterious Glass Object
How will they open it?
Where will it lead them?
What Dark fate has befallen Cap’n Ash?
Who is this mysterious man who wants to get to know Belry?
And When it really matters, Will making friends work?

Also this week – Moorease attempts to save Tensho, Rivane Shows some Artistic Flair And Belry attempts a new form of lockpicking

A Tale of Mystery, a Trail of Magic and Death
A Question Lies within the glass, Sealed with Desperate Breath
For this week the Cast were infected, But we don’t stop for such a Thing
As We Bring forth, the Miasma that was Pestilence & a Prelude to wing

Editor’s Note: This Episode was recorded when everyone except Belry was deeply affected by the Flu. The Editing for this episode was a little harsher than usual as there was a considerable amount of coughing, sniffling and other general ill noise. Ellie’s internet also decided it wanted to make her sound autotuned at times,

Hopefully i have managed to remove the majority of these noises. Thank you again for your continued Patience, It Means a lot to us!


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