Episode 57 – The Drunken, The Deceitful & the Satchel Full of Worms

A Tale of a Helm, a Figure and Some Trees
Hijinks and Horror Upon the High Seas

This week the Party find a lost boat with a strange cargo…

What lies aboard the strange boat?
Who is this strange man that’s heading towards the ship?
Why does he recognise Rivane?
How Will they attempt to unveil the truth?
And Where Will it Lead them?

Also this week – Belry has Leg issues, Tensho Breaks more things & Rivane finally adds to her Reagent bag

A Tale of Many, With Items and Mystery
A Questionable Crown from druidic History
A Figure from the Past & a Creature of question
Both of which have an Strange aura, Open to Suggestion
For this week we bring you a Thrice Tied Story Of Questionable terms
The Drunken, The Deceitful & the Satchel Full of Worms


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