Episode 53 – Cherries, Berries, Candles & Bones

A mysterious lady, Who Dabbles in Candles
How will She Respond to this Group of Vandals…

This week the Party come across a Strange Island and meet its even Stranger inhabitant…

What is the strangest thing about this island?
Who is this Strange woman who lives here?
Why does she want to help?
Will Tensho accept his curses?
Can Rivane contain her Short Temper?
and What is the deal with the Strange Woman’s son?

Also this week the unnamed Rogue shouts about poison, Someone Flips a Table and there are mysterious goings on back aboard the ship…

She tries to assist them, in whatever way she can
Yet her methods are harsh, with a manipulative Plan
Cause what can she offer them, For you see all that she Owns
are Cherries, Berries, Candles & Bones


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