The Tale so Far

Season 1

Arc 1 –The Scourge of the North
 A hapless band of adventurers form and set out for honour, glory, treasure and other less noble reasons. Unbeknown to them, their actions may shape the face of the world… Episode 1
Arc 2 –The Cult of… Brian?
Heading south our adventurers come to a township where a shady collective seem to be gaining power after the events in the north. Remember to always look up, beware of tentacles… and of brooms. Episode 6
Arc 3 –What Does the Raptor Say?
Their patron in town having no further use for them, our merry band continue onwards and come into contact with some questionable “merchants”. Books are written, new spells are learnt and our adventurers … actually save a village!? Episode 10
End of Season Special -Welcome to Wintermane Manor
In the two-part conclusion to season one, Ellie takes up the reins as GM. Do you dare brave the curse of the Wintermane family? Part One Part Two

Season 2

Arc 1Bounties, bounties everywhere, nor any a coin to claim.
Continuing their journey onwards our band of questionable persons (+1 vagabond mage they’ve picked up) take up the role of bounty hunters. But are they in over their heads? Well… yes. Episode 16